Webb Welcomes the Class of 2021

On Tuesday, August 15, 2017, twenty-eight students from across the Country joined the Webb’s Class of 2021, eager to take on the Webb challenge. This active and talented group of individuals bring a variety of impressive skills and hobbies to Webb.

During their high school careers, 93% were athletes, 75% participated in community service, 64% participated in performing arts, and 32% competed in FIRST Robotics and other competitive robotics teams.  In addition to those activities, member of the Class of 2021 have some unique achievements including: constructing a 14-foot sailing catamaran, climbing Mount Whitney, building a go-kart, bee and butterfly keeping, hiking the Long Trial and Appalachian Trial, and being a tri-athlete.

Since their week-long orientation back in August, the Class of 2021 have quickly integrated themselves into Webb’s unique community and become full-fledged “Webbies.” Many students have already joined athletic teams, participated in student leadership, joined in on community service projects, and attended on and off-campus activities.

In mid-September, the Class of 2021 and their families celebrated the start of the Fall Semester during Webb’s annual Family Weekend. Students and their loved ones spent the weekend enjoying the various activities Webb had planned, including an ice cream social, BBQ luncheon, Jazz Band and WooFS performances, a competitive soccer game, brunch, and the grand finale, the Freshman Boat Competition. The Class of 2021 excelled in their race, with all student vessels successfully floating on the sound. The “Purple Team” made up of Alex Koziol, Maggie Maguire, Dillion Esposito-Kelley, and Chris Merola, were the victors.

Webb looks forward to learning more about the Class of 2021 and is eager to see what they accomplish in their first year aboard.

Photos from this year’s Orientation and Family Weekend are available on Smugmug.