Webbies Volunteer at Brooklyn Boatworks

By Sean Murphy '13

Webb students continue to volunteer this semester with Brooklyn Boatworks, a volunteer organization that helps inner-city children to develop life skills through the building and use of small wooden boats.  Last semester, we started a relationship with the organization when Webbies volunteered at BCS, a charter school in Brooklyn.  This semester, Webbies are continuing to volunteer their extra time at schools and in various other capacities to help out.  Webb has acquired eight Optimist boats that were built in previous years by students in the program; however, the boats weren’t quite finished.  So members from each Webb class are helping to complete all eight of the boats, with the goal being to finish them by homecoming (May 18th).  We should have several students from various programs of Brooklyn Boatworks out to tour Webb as well!

We’ll keep you posted on our progress throughout the semester.  In the meantime you can check out more of Brooklyn Boatworks via their webpage, or their Facebook page.  And start planning for homecoming!