Meet the Winter Work Bloggers 2013


Samuel Granger '14 and Roland DeMarco '13: Costa Concordia - Titan Salvage

The Parbuckling Project - Concordia wreck removal project informative website.

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Will Sturdy '16 and Kelly O'Brien '16: Webbies and Wood Shavings

This blog will follow two Webb Institute students, Kelly and Will, on their winter work internship at the Brooklin Boatyard in Brooklin, Maine.

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Stefan Kuczera '15: Kiel Canaler 

A little late start but none the less better than never. I will be spending my seaterm on the National Glory a 140 meter container ship which runs between the ports of Hamburg, Germany, Bremerhaven, Germany, and Muuga, Estonia.

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John Carlson '14: Stay Classy San Diego

Well, this is my first post so I'll try to sum up the past few days.  Turns out the apartment is so new, the taxi GPS couldn't find our address.  Yay!

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TJ Brackin '16 and Eric Harris '14: Double Webbie Single Shark

Well, my name is T.J. Brackin and I will be writing for the next two months to tell you about my Webb Institute Winter Work Experience at Metal Shark Aluminum Boats...My name is Eric Harris, and I am a Junior at Webb Institute. 

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Alexandra Wilson '16: Palm Trees 'n' Pascagoula

..and then I was back at Webb at long last. THE END
If you're like me, you jump to the last page of the book to find out the ending to beat the wait. To make it easier for those like me, I decided to START with the ending to get that out of the way.  

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Samantha Griswold '14: I'll Never Get Over The Palm Trees

Better late than never. Greetings From San Diego!
My name is Samantha Griswold and I am currently a junior at Webb Institute. This winter, I will be working for M Ship Co, LLC. in San Diego, California for my winter work term. 

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Erin Hub '16: General Dynamics NASSCO

The first day of work went as follows: Lauren and I wake up. We pack lunch and eat breakfast. We see the clock out of the corner of the eye and go, "Oh! We need to go." So we head out of the apartment and towards where I think the City College trolley station is.

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