Winter Work Blogs 2018

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Ioana, Maggie and Lina

Lina Tenenbaum ’21, Maggie Maguire ’21 & Ioana Mirica ’21

Westport 2018

Lina, Maggie, and Ioana are documenting their journey traveling to and working for Westport Yachts, LLC, in Washington.

Matt and Grant

Matthew Migliozzi ’20 & Grant Dixon ’20

Matt and Grant Lost at Sea

Matt and Grant are documenting their experiences aboard the Stolt Sincerity.

Mara and Nick

Mara DuVernois ’20 & Nicholas Yarka ’20

Antarctica Trip 2018

Read about Mara and Nick’s Winter Work term experiences as they travel aboard the Maersk PEARY to Antarctica.

Jonathan Hale '18

Jonathan Hale ’18

Winter Work: A D.C.* Story

Jonathan Hale ’18 is documenting his last winter work experience working for Gibbs & Cox in Arlington, VA.

Ben Hunt '21

Benjamin Hunt ’21

A Webb Winter 

Ben is documenting ’21 is documenting his experience living on campus and working for Brewers Marine.


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