Webb's Winter Work Experience

Webb Students Working Across the USA and Around the World

While students at other engineering colleges slip back into their tablet chairs and lecture hall seats in January, Webb students are out gaining valuable engineering experience in the real world. It's called "Winter Work," and it happens every January and February for every student. Freshmen work alongside ship fitters and welders in shipyards. Sophomores plow the oceans, realizing that crews will have to live and work on their future designs. Juniors and seniors network and apply themselves in design offices. Like the maritime industry, our Winter Work experience is global with more and more students finding themselves overseas with jobs in countries including Antarctica, British Columbia, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates.

Webb Institute's Winter Work experience is unlike any other. Read first-hand accounts of our students' Winter Work, or check out where they are working this year at the links below.