WooFS Holiday Concert and Dinner

On Tuesday, December 4, the Webb community was treated with a holiday concert by the Webb Family Singers (WooFS) and a delicious holiday dinner prepared by Pete Morris and his staff.

The WooFS have been practicing twice a week this semester for the program that included traditional holiday tunes as “I Saw Three Ships” and “Carol of the Bells.”  As Webb is focusing on a global direction for student winter work and employment, James Ludwig, director of the WooFS, also chose songs of an international flavor.  “Suo Gán”, a Welsh lullaby was sung in Welsh, “Ale Brider” was sung in Yiddish, and a good ‘ole traditional Irish ballad, “Here’s a Health to the Company,” was sung in Irish/English.  Another international song, “Mouth Music,” is a traditional tune from the Hebrides, a chain of islands off Scotland and is described as “Celtic mouth music straight from the heart–and the mouth.”  The first verse:  “Ho ro, ha-la-ba-da ho ro, ha-la-ba-da ho ro ha-la-ba-da hang ghee hang-man ho ro, ha-la-ba-da ho ro, ha-la-ba-da ho ro, ha-la-ba-da hang-ghee hang-man” was a bit confusing at first for the WooFS during practice sessions.  As luck would have it, freshman WooFS singer Will Sturdy '16 happened to own and play a bodhrán, an open-ended Irish frame drum played with a double-headed stick that is used in playing the “mouth music.”  By the last week of rehearsals, the words and the faster tempo of the song were becoming a favorite of the WooFS.  The traditional holiday sing-along concluded the program. 

Solo verses in several of the songs were performed by members of the WooFS.  With quite a few members of the WooFS graduating last spring, we were lucky to have a good number of freshmen signing up to sing with the WooFS this fall.  Thanks go to Jessica Chen, our accompanist for the evening.  This performance and all WooFS performances are made possible by contributions to the Roger and Jill Compton Endowment for Performing Arts.