Webbies Give Back on Founder’s Day

by Ioana Mirica ’21

This year’s Founder’s Day was celebrated on May 3, 2019. This day, which was first organized on June 19, 1896, honors our founder, William H. Webb and the legacy of giving.

Webb Institute was first established in 1889 as Webb’s Academy and Home for Shipbuilders. Originally, it not only offered an opportunity for young, eager students to earn an education in the marine industry, but also a home for retired shipbuilders. Although Webb’s vision of the institution has altered throughout the years, the original principles upon which it was founded have remained. The spirit of giving and service is entwined within the fabric of the Webb community.

On Founder’s Day, the Webb campus completes tasks such as cleaning the beach, power washing the Cuneo Courtyard, and painting the fire escapes with non-skid coating. This occasion allows students and faculty to devote time out of their busy schedules to improve conditions on campus.

The speaker of this year’s dinner, Michael Hutchings ’95, emphasized “giving until it feels good”. Serving others, he stated, does not require an elaborate, expensive gift to the community, but rather good intentions which are reinforced by the donation of one’s time, talents, and efforts. Hutchings encouraged those present to follow in the steps of Webb and apply his benevolent attitude in their own lives. To do so, he recommends that people find something about which they are passionate and discover a way to employ it to help others. This impactful speech urges Webbies to honor the man who has given them so much and find a way to help not only the Webb community but everyone around them.

View Michael Hutching’s speech at this year’s Founder’s Day Dinner!