Senior Spotlight: Jonathan Wang

Hometown: Tianjin, China

Thesis Title: Improving Shipyard Management: Automated Assignment of Dependencies Within Ship Overhaul Schedules

Post Graduate Plans: NSWC Carderock, Combatant Craft Division

What are you passionate about?
Food. Cooking. Travel. Photography. Adventure. Exploring new places and new foods.

What’s your favorite spot on campus and why?
I enjoy relaxing by the yacht club, especially during sunset. I find the sound of waves relaxing and it is easy to take a break from the work and other things happening at Webb to enjoy a good sunset, watch the waves crash on the beach, and look out across the Long Island Sound.

What would be the best job for you?
One that continually provides new challenges and problems for me to solve. I love the process of working my way through a problem and the satisfaction of putting the effort into solving it. I also work well in an environment where I am given autonomy to complete my own work. I also enjoy a mixture of office and hands-on work and would love to be able to travel occasionally for work.

Do you have any advice for incoming students?
Be involved. Webb is such a small community that your experience, along with everyone else’s will be better when you are involved with the community. There are so many ways to do so: join a sport or a student club; volunteer when opportunities arise; take a position of leadership. Be involved in different activities and learn something new! Work is important, but don’t forget to enjoy all the opportunities Webb has to offer.

What was your favorite Winter Work internship?
Sea Term on a MARAD ship docked just outside downtown San Francisco during the summer (I was in Southampton for the winter). Seeing the inner workings of the engine room was very interesting. Even more enjoyable was having the weekends free to explore the city. I love food and photography and SF had plenty of opportunities to explore both hobbies. It was basically summer vacation for two months in San Francisco with free room and board. The only downside was not getting to experience heavy seas like many of my classmates. The San Francisco Bay is not known for large waves.