Media Relations and Communications

The Office of Media Relations and Communication leads the branding, marketing, web content, photography, video, social media, and graphic design initiatives for Webb Institute, handles filming requests, and serves as a liaison with local, regional, and national media.


Kerri Allegretta
Director of Media Relations and Communications
Kyle Koleda
Assistant Director of Media Relations and Communications

Branding Guidelines

Webb Branding Style Guide v2.0 - 2020 Cover

A brand identity represents the values, services, ideas and personality of an organization. It is designed to increase recognition and build perceptions of the organization in its chosen marketplace.

This brand identity needs to be graphically represented and usually includes elements such as logos and supporting graphics, color palette, typography and photography choices and can, within its guidelines, use examples to visualize how a brand should be depicted across various different visual media.

Webb Institute needs to manage how its brand is represented across all visual media in various situations. The corporate identity system in this document has been created to fulfill this purpose and the guidelines herein explain how to correctly depict and embody our brand ethos consistently across different applications and in various markets to maintain the integrity of Webb Institute.

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Mobile Wallpapers

Zoom Backgrounds

For help with using Zoom backgrounds, please visit the Zoom Help Center.

Filming at Webb

Webb’s beautiful architecture, landscape, and private beach have made it a desired location for film and photography shoots.

For more information about location shoots, please contact Kerri Allegretta at


The God Committee – 2019

The Joker – Warner Brothers – 2018

Batman Forever – 1995


Love Life – HBO – 2019

Billions – Showtime – 2019

Limitless – CBS – 2016

Gotham – Warner Brothers – 2016

The OA – Netflix – 2016

Z – Amazon – 2016

Bull – CBS – 2016

Blindspot – NBC – 2016

Madam Secretary – CBS – 2016


Spodify – 2018