A Message to the Class of 2024

Congratulations on your acceptance to Webb Institute!
We are looking forward to officially welcoming you aboard in August!

To the Class of 2024,

We know that this spring has been challenging for many and far from what we have all considered to be normal. We, like many colleges across the United States, are monitoring the ongoing developments nationwide as we prepare and plan for this upcoming academic year.

Our current plan and hope is that your official welcome into the Webb Family will happen on campus on Move-In Day on August 18th. Over the past month, Webb has worked diligently during this spring semester to keep the 17 members of the student body and the staff who remain on campus safe from COVID-19 by implementing a variety of health and safety protocols. These and additional protocols, which focus on protecting the Webb community will be in place when we welcome you to campus. We are fortunate that Webb’s size and location allow more flexibility than most colleges; however, we will only open the campus to you and the rest of our student body if we believe we can do so in a safe manner. The cooperation of all employees and the entire student body in following the health and safety protocols will be crucial to allowing the campus to reopen.

We also recognize that welcoming the student body back to campus this August may not be possible based on government regulations and the conditions within New York State and the nation. We are contingency planning for this situation as well, working hard to ensure that Webb can provide you with the education that Webb is known for no matter the mode of delivery. Our contingency plan may include virtual classes and activities if needed for part or all of the fall semester. We will continue to monitor this situation and will make a final decision about the nature of the fall semester no later than June 15th. Rest assured; you will receive timely notifications of any changes to our fall semester plans. In addition, if there is a delay in coming to campus, revised charges and fees will be announced well in advance and, where appropriate, refunds will be provided

Our hope is that regardless of the format of the fall semester that you are excited to join us for this upcoming academic year. However, if you are considering taking a gap year because of the uncertain situation surrounding COVID-19, we understand. To apply, we require that you submit your request, reasoning for your request, and plans for the next year to admissions@webb.edu by May 7, 2020. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” I continue to be in awe of the strength and generosity of the Webb Family that you will soon be a part of, especially when the seas are not so smooth. I know together we can weather this storm, and I look forward to seeing you all navigate a successful four-year journey at Webb!

Please know that as soon as the Class of 2024 is finalized, we will be sending you your Enrollment Packet. Your packet will include the information you need to prepare for the start of your Webb experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to Webb as a member of our family in a few short months!

Lauren CarballoDirector of Admissions and Student Affairs