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Thank you for considering a gift to Webb Institute.  Your gift is an investment in Webb students and provides the college with resources that ensure an exceptional engineering education free of tuition burden to our students. Find out about the numerous ways to give and make your investment in Webb today!  Every dollar counts!

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The Campaign for Webb

Through the Campaign for Webb: America’s Most Unique College, Webb aims to raise $40 million to enhance the college’s programs, infrastructure, and financial resources to meet the growing challenges of an expanding marine industry. Learn more about the Campaign for Webb.

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Ways to Give

Find out about the numerous ways to give and make your investment in Webb today!  Every dollar counts!

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Meet our Heritage Society Members

We are grateful to the generous support of the Webb family – alumni, parents, parents/grandparents of alumni, and friends alike.  Here’s what a few of the donors had to say about their commitment to Webb.

What is Webb Giving Day?

Webb Giving Day is a celebration of William H. Webb’s giving spirit and an opportunity to thank the members of the Webb family, who through their support, have followed in his footsteps.  Through his extraordinary generosity, our founder redefined the concept of “paying it forward.”  With the help of our student ambassadors – the ultimate beneficiaries of your gifts – this celebration helps promote success in Webb’s Annual Fund, the foundation of giving to Webb Institute.

We invite alumni, trustees, parents, parents of alumni, current and past grandparents and friends to join us.  During the month of May, you will hear from our students who are grateful for your ongoing support!

Webb’s Sixth Annual Giving Day is highlighted by a short video on Friday, May 17; plus Saturday and Sunday (May 18 & 19), Webb’s Homecoming Weekend, during which we will announce progress toward our Annual Fund goals.

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Through the Campaign for Webb: America’s Most Unique College, Webb aims to raise $40 million to enhance the college’s programs, infrastructure, and financial resources to meet the growing challenges of an expanding marine industry.

Of the $40 million Campaign goal, $28 million will be raised to strengthen the endowment and ensure intergenerational sustainability of the full-tuition scholarship model, and $12 million will be earmarked for facilities improvement, headlined by the establishment of the Faculty & Research Center and an expansion of the on-campus residence halls. Learn more about the Campaign for Webb.

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Webb Annual Reports

Annual Report 2017-18 CoverView the  2017-18 Annual Report

True to the spirit of William H. Webb, this document is a testament to the generosity of the Webb family—alumni, parents, friends, and trustees alike. The stories contained within are a reminder of our common goal: to maintain the highest levels of academic excellence and to ensure the inter-generational sustainability of the Institute. Webb students, present and future, are counting on us!
We should all take pride in Webb’s record-breaking fundraising success, headlined by unprecedented support of the Annual Fund. The momentum that we have built through the Annual Fund has translated into extraordinary success in the Campaign for Webb.

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Alumni Fund


Jake NeumanThe generosity and commitment of Webb alumni is unrivalled.

Contributions totaled $2,092,942, exceeding last year’s amount by $205,000 (10.8%), and our 2016-17 goal by 20%. The average commitment of Webb alumni increased to $2,600 (up 13%). Participation was solid at 73.2% for alumni and 70.9% for members of the Alumni Association overall.

These phenomenal results have made a significant impact on the comprehensive Campaign for Webb, which is discussed in detail in a number of articles in the 2016-17 Annual Report. Eighty-one percent of alumni participated by making a contribution during the Campaign to date—this is clear evidence that we are capable of exceeding our participation goals of 75%. To accomplish this, we will need to convince a few more alumni to renew their generous commitments every year. Our alumni base is extraordinarily supportive, so I am confident we can reach new heights in WAF participation.

Read the entire Alumni Fund article.

The Hunt Family

Why Give to the Webb Parent Annual Fund?

  • Your child is the direct beneficiary of your support!
  • Your support enhances the quality and depth of the education that your child receives and helps enrich Webb’s social experience.
  • Webb is the only private engineering college in the United States providing every student with a full-tuition scholarship.
  • The cost to educate each Webbie is approximately $80,000 per year.
  • The commitment you make will have a direct impact on Webb’s present and future well-being. Through the generosity of parents, alumni, and friends, the Annual Fund now provides for an incredible 35% of Webb’s operating costs!
  • Parents’ strong commitment encourages alumni, corporations and foundations to invest in Webb. 70% of parents gave back to Webb in 2016-17!

Webb Institute is fortunate to have alumni and friends whose dedication to the institution has inspired them to leave a lasting legacy. There are members of the Heritage Society as young as members of the Class of 2018—so you see, it is never too early to consider Webb in your future plans.

The Heritage Society is made up of members who have made planned gifts of all types and sizes, and getting started can be as simple as making Webb a full or partial beneficiary of your 401(k), IRA or life insurance policy; or a bequest naming Webb in your will or living trust.

As Webb’s Planned Giving Chairman, my primary goal is to expand membership in the Heritage Society. Planned giving has made a remarkable impact on Webb’s present and future as over $20 million of estate pledges and realized commitments have been secured during the Campaign for Webb. Please join me today and become the newest member of the Heritage Society.

Your membership involves no dues, but it does allow us to thank you and recognize you for the plans you have made, and it may inspire generosity in others. Finally, your membership ensures a special invitation to the Heritage Society reception and dinner held annually at the President’s House during Homecoming Week.

Learn more about planned giving and the various ways to support Webb.

For more information, contact Anthony R. Zic, Webb’s Director of Development at 516-759-2040 or email

WebbEY ProgramThe Webb Every Year Program (WebbEY) was established during the 2006-2007 Annual Fund Campaign. Initially, this program was created to acknowledge alumni donors for their consecutive years of giving. Eventually, it was extended to include other members within our community and now recognizes family and friends. The WebbEY program was created strictly to recognize our donors’ consistency of support, regardless of gift amount. In order to attain the status of becoming a WebbEY, a donor has to contribute to the Annual Fund for a minimum of five consecutive years. Consecutive giving allows Webb to plan for a future with assurance and to continue to be recognized as the premier college of naval architecture and marine engineering. We wish to thank the following contributors for their loyalty and generosity and for attaining the distinct honor of achieving WebbEY status.

View the list of our WebbEY members.

Give Time

Members of the Webb family can serve as excellentWastewater Purification System resources enhancing Webb’s educational experience. We are looking for alumni, friends, and industry experts to share their time and experience with our students.

There are a number of ways you can help:

  • Host and mentor students at your company in support of Webb’s Winter Work program.
  • Sign up to be a speaker in our weekly lecture series or serve as a guest lecturer in one of our courses.
  • Sign up to be a mentor and evaluator for student design projects.
  • Sign up to support and mentor senior thesis projects.
  • Host a student visit, class field trip, or tour of your company.

In addition, you can help develop and improve Webb’s curriculum by:

  • Participating in Webb’s Industry Advisor Group which works with the Dean to monitor the relevance and performance of Webb’s academic program.
  • Introducing industry experts and decision makers to Webb.

For more information on how you can help, please contact Dean Werner at

Our Development Team is available to help and answer your questions.

Mr. Anthony Zic
Director of Development
Direct: 516-759-2040
Main: 516-671-2213 EXT. 1105

Mr. Joseph Cascio
Assistant Director of Development
Direct: 516-759-5376
Main: 516-671-2213 EXT. 1126

Ms. Alicia Edgar
Campaign Officer for Institutional Outreach
Direct: 516-403-2502

Ms. Shanna Hamilton
Assistant Director of Development Services
Direct: 516-759-2040
Main: 516-671-2213 EXT. 1101

Ms. Gailmarie Sujecki
Executive Assistant to the President and Director of Alumni Relations
Direct: 516-671-2277
Main: 516-671-2213 EXT. 1100

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