Monday Lectures

In addition to the formal courses, all students attend the Monday Lecture Series, these lectures are given by speakers on a wide variety of topics-some technical, but many on quality of life, historical, or current events topics. The Monday lecture series is designed to expand Webb students’ education in both technical and non-technical subject areas. View our current lecture schedule and watch past lectures below.

Also, once or twice a year, a formal, evening lecture of the Zeien Lectures Series is presented.

If you have a suggestion for a Monday lecture or would like to present one, please contact Dean Matthew Werner at ude.bbew@renrewm.

Spring 2022 Lecture Schedule

Date Subject Speaker
8/22/22 Welcome back President Martecchini, Dean Werner
8/29/22 National Security Multi-Mission Vessels Eugene Van Rynbach, Herbert Engineering
9/5/22 Labor Day – No Lecture
9/12/22 Introduction to The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Joel Parry and Michael Ricard, The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory
9/19/22 Naval Architecture and Engineering at Carderock Mark Brown, Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock
9/20/22 TBD Ms. Karrie Trauth, Senior Vice President, Shipping & Maritime, Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited
10/3/22 TBD Paul Sullivan, Adm. (Ret)
10/10/22 Fall Break – No Lecture
10/17/22 Multi-fidelity/Surrogate Modeling Approaches Brad Campbell ’99, Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock
10/24/22 Webb’s Naval Engineering Education Center (NEEC) Bradley D.M. Golden ’99, Webb Institute
10/31/22 Research activities at the Davidson Laboratory Dr. Raju Datla and Dr. Muhammad Hajj, Stevens Institute of Technology
11/14/22 TBD Prof. Purnima Ratilal Makris, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Northeastern University
12/5/22 TBD Dr. Marguerite Wilson, PhD.

Past Lectures

The Character of Truly Liberal Education

Dr. Shawn Welnak
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, LIUPost
Adjunct Professor of Political Philosophy, Webb Institute

Tunnel Thrusters: Function, Sizing, and Design

Donald Macpherson ‘80
Technical Director, HydroComp, Inc.

Stepped Planing Hulls. When Are They Appropriate?

Dr. Michael G. Morabito ‘05
Director of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, United States Naval Academy

Gary Vogel 

Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.

Gary Vogel - Eagle Bulk

James (Jim) Gaughan

American Bureau Shipping (ABS)

“Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier Containment Systems’

James Gaughan

John (Jay) Edgar ’87

Naval Architect, Engineering Leader

“Building SBX: Development of the Sea-based Radar SBX-1”

John (Jay) Edgar ’87

Dr. Bob Brier

Researcher, Egyptologist

“Cleopatra’s Needles: The Lost Obelisks of Egypt”