Monday Lectures

In addition to the formal courses, all students attend the Monday Lecture Series, these lectures are given by speakers on a wide variety of topics-some technical, but many on quality of life, historical, or current events topics. The Monday lecture series is designed to expand Webb students’ education in both technical and non-technical subject areas. View our current lecture schedule and watch past lectures below. All videos are available on the Webb Institute Vimeo Channel.

Also, once or twice a year, a formal, evening lecture of the Zeien Lectures Series is presented.

If you have a suggestion for a Monday lecture or would like to present one, please contact Dean Matthew Werner at

Spring 2020 Lecture Schedule

Date Subject Speaker
Mar 2 Welcome Back President Michel, Dean Werner, Lauren Carballo
Mar 16 The Development of New Stern Tube Shaft Seal Designs George (Sandy) Thomson, Thomson-Gordon Group
Mar 23 Systemic thinking: A Path to Improved Problem Understanding Dr. Patrick Hester ’01, Professor UNC Asheville
Mar 30 Foiling and Its Impact on Sail Racing Doug Schickler ’92, Schickler Tagliapietra Yacht Engineering
Apr 6 USCG Marine Safety Center Rob Barra, USCG Safety Center
Apr 13 High-Speed Craft Jonathan Soja ’13, Donald L. Blount and Associates
Apr 20 Financial Issues and Engineer Should Consider Glenn Muller ’94
Apr 27 TBA TBA
May 3 Junior Ship Design The Class of 2021
May 4 Thesis Presentations Linda Waters, Jonathan Wang
May 11 Thesis Presentations Christopher Bal and Harrison Tack, Abrianna Reddy
May 13 Junior Ship Design Presentations The Class of 2021
May 18 Thesis Presentations Brandon Wui, Matthew Migliozzi
May 28 Thesis Presentations Duane Lee and Ian Cavanaugh, Mary McGuinness, Alec Gonzalez
June 1 Thesis Presentations Mara DuVernois and Alex Taber, Max Pierce and Zane Tinnell
June 8 Thesis Presentations Grant Dixon, Renee Tremblay and Thomas Linden
June 9 Thesis Presentations Rockford Regan and Nicholas Yarka, Michael DeNapoli and Galen Ng
June 15 Thesis Presentations Louis Bock, Isa Hill and Audra Milbitz

Past Lectures

Gary Vogel 

Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.

Gary Vogel - Eagle Bulk

James (Jim) Gaughan

American Bureau Shipping (ABS)

“Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier Containment Systems’

James Gaughan

John (Jay) Edgar ’87

Naval Architect, Engineering Leader

“Building SBX: Development of the Sea-based Radar SBX-1”

John (Jay) Edgar ’87

Dr. Bob Brier

Researcher, Egyptologist

“Cleopatra’s Needles: The Lost Obelisks of Egypt”


Greg Diggs ’91


“Naval Acquisition Careers”

Greg Diggs ’91

Paul Vragel ’72


“Using Systems Engineering to Achieve Transformational Business Results”

Paul Vragel ’72

Josh McMinn ’09

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

“Life of a Surveyor”

Josh McMinn ’09

Kevin Pearce ’90

Siemen’s Energy Management 

“U.S. Offshore Win Energy Development and Construction”

Kevin Pearce ’90

Dr. James C. Kinsey

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

“Ocean Robotics : Engineering Innovations Advancing Scientific Observation”

Dr. James C. Kinsey

Paulo Almeida ’95

Tufton Oceanic Limited

“Why Webbies can make good Managers / Bankers / Investment Managers”

Paulo Almeida ’95

Michael Martin

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at Webb Institute

“Shipboard Energy Management”

Michael Martin