Our Story

Webb Institute is a unique, top-ranked undergraduate institution offering one academic option, a double major in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. It is also the only full-tuition scholarship private undergraduate program of its kind in the country.

Mission Statement:

To inspire and educate tomorrow’s leaders in an extraordinary learning community focused on engineering and design in the marine field.

Webb Institute:

▪ Provides a rigorous education in the principles of engineering and the fundamentals of naval architecture, marine engineering and related marine technologies;
▪ Develops skills that will enable graduates to become leaders in, and make significant contributions to, their chosen profession and the wider community;
▪ Instills in graduates the highest ethical standards and sense of professionalism;
▪ Cultivates curiosity in the arts, sciences and humanities, and provides the background and encouragement necessary to support lifelong learning; and
▪ Perpetuates the values of William H. Webb.

Webb Institute Front Lawn

It’s Simply Beautiful

Our 26-acre campus, includes a private beach. We are located 25 miles east of Manhattan on Long Island’s North Shore. The main building, Stevenson Taylor Hall, was the former estate of Herbert L. Pratt, son of one of the founders of Standard Oil.

Professor Richard A. Royce in model tank

News & Events

Stay up-to-date with exciting campus news and events that are happening on campus and through our alumni network!

William H. Webb

Our Founder

Shipbuilder and philanthropist William H. Webb, made it possible for talented students to learn about the art of shipbuilding through tuition-free scholarships.

Engineering Excellence

The Founder of Webb Institute was master shipbuilder, William H. Webb. Webb wanted worthy young students to obtain an education in the art and science of designing ships.

Webb Institute’s 26-acre campus is located on Long Island Sound the college has educated bright, young people interested in naval architecture and marine engineering since 1889.

The entire Webb documentary video is available on Vimeo.

Prof. Edwin Wiggins class

Academic Program

Our only major, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, involves several engineering disciplines, including ship design and systems engineering, marine engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil/structural engineering. During Winter Work Term, students work in the maritime industry.

Students live on campus, a 26-acre estate with a private beach, and, of course, boats. Webb has a time-tested honor code, and a full range of student activities.

Webb students work hard  mastering advanced mathematics, building and testing models.  They also play hard: soccer, tennis, basketball, sailing, and volleyball.

We also have some special arrangements. Interested students can use the local YMCA at no cost. And musicians can participate in the Webb Jazz Band, sing with the WooFS (Webb Family Singers) or the North Shore Community Chorus, or play in the North Shore Symphony Orchestra.

Webb Institute, Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are comprised of distinguished Webb alums and Webb supporters, includes innovating leaders, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists all of which strive to maintain William H. Webb’s legacy. Their individual perspectives on the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering fields and Academia further enrich the future of Webb Institute.

The Board of Trustees is led by chairman, Bruce S. Rosenblatt, president of Bruce S. Rosenblatt & Associates, LLC.

Full Board of Trustees

Winter Work Term

Job Placement

If you can build a ship, you can build anything. With 100% job placement upon graduation, the opportunities offered to our graduates are endless. Below are a few companies that hire Webbies within the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering fields. See where our Webbies work!

Thomas Linden, Webb Institute Student

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