Administration & Staff Directory

Every member of Webb’s administration and staff plays an important role in Webb’s mission and vision of providing an outstanding education for our students.  


Academics, 516-671-2215,

Admissions, 516-671-8355,

Board of Trustees

Development, 516-759-2040,

Facilities, 516-918-2787,

Financial Aid, 516-671-2215,

Human Resources, 516-629-3260 Ext. 1170,

President’s Office & Executive Assistant, 516-671-2277,

Registrar, 516-671-2215,

Administration and Staff

Kerri Allegretta, Director of Media Relations and Communications

Ms. Kerri Allegretta
Director of Media Relations and Communications
Direct: 516.403.5392

Ms. Marissa Alperin
Assistant Director of Student Affairs and Residence Life
Direct: 516.403.5950
Main: 516.671.2213 Ext.1117

Lauren Carballo - Admissions

Ms. Lauren Carballo
Director of Admissions & Student Affairs
Direct: 516-403-5900
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1104

Mr. Joseph Cascio
Assistant Director of Development
Direct: 516-403-5376
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1126

Pat Doherty - Athletics

Mr. Patrick Doherty
Director of Athletics & Electronics Lab Technician
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1128

Ted Drivas, Network and Systems Engineer

Mr. Ted Drivas
Network and Systems Engineer

Alicia Edgar

Ms. Alicia Edgar
Campaign Officer for Institutional Outreach
Direct: 516-403-2502


Mr. John Ferrante
Director of Facilities
Direct: 516-918-2787
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1129

Shanna-Hamilton - Development

Ms. Shanna Hamilton
Assistant Director of Development Services
Direct: 516-759-2040
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1101

Kyle Koleda-Headshot

Mr. Kyle Koleda
Assistant Director of Media Relations & Communications
Direct: 516-403-5393
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1171

Rhonda Lightcap - Finance

Ms. Rhonda Lightcap
Director of Financial Affairs
Direct: 516-403-5390
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1116

Webb Institute in Glen Cove, NY Thursday, May 21, 2015.

Mr. R. Keith Michel
Main: 516-671-2277


Mr. Peter Miller
Director of Information Technology

Patricia Prescott, Webb Institute, Librarian

Ms. Patricia Prescott
Library Director
Direct: 516-671-0439
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1118

Duane Ritter, Assistant to the Director of Financial Affairs

Mr. Duane Ritter
Assistant to the Director of Financial Affairs
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1122


Dr. Michelle Stein
Direct: 516-403-5395

Gailmarie Sujecki

Ms. Gailmarie Sujecki
Executive Assistant to the President & Director of Alumni Relations
Direct: 516-671-2277
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1100


Mr. James Swan
Engineering Laboratory Technician – Machinist
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1121

Josie Wilson - Academic Services

Ms. Jocelyn Wilson
Director of Academic Services
Direct: 516-671-2215
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1108

Anthony Zic - Development

Mr. Anthony Zic
Director of Development
Direct: 516-403-5375
Main: 516-759-2040 Ext. 1105