Administration & Staff Directory

Every member of Webb’s administration and staff plays an important role in Webb’s mission and vision of providing an outstanding education for our students.  


Academics, 516-671-2215,

Admissions, 516-671-8355,

Board of Trustees

Development, 516-759-2040,

Facilities, 516-918-2787,

Financial Aid, 516-671-2215,

Human Resources, 516-629-3260 Ext. 1170,

President’s Office & Executive Assistant, 516-671-2277,

Registrar, 516-671-2215,

Administration and Staff

Kerri Allegretta, Director of Media Relations and Communications

Ms. Kerri Allegretta
Director of Media Relations and Communications
Direct: 516.403.5392

Ms. Marissa Alperin
Assistant Director of Student Affairs and Residence Life
Direct: 516.403.5950
Main: 516.671.2213 Ext.1117

Lauren Carballo - Admissions

Ms. Lauren Carballo
Director of Admissions & Student Affairs
Direct: 516-403-5900
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1104

Mr. Joseph Cascio
Assistant Director of Development
Direct: 516-403-5376
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1126

Pat Doherty - Athletics

Mr. Patrick Doherty
Director of Athletics & Electronics Lab Technician
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1128

Ted Drivas, Network and Systems Engineer

Mr. Ted Drivas
Assistant Director of Information Technology
Network and Systems Administration

Alicia Edgar

Ms. Alicia Edgar
Campaign Officer for Institutional Outreach
Direct: 516-403-2502


Mr. John Ferrante
Director of Facilities
Direct: 516-918-2787
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1129

Shanna-Hamilton - Development

Ms. Shanna Hamilton
Assistant Director of Development Services
Direct: 516-759-2040
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1101

Kyle Koleda-Headshot

Mr. Kyle Koleda
Assistant Director of Media Relations & Communications
Direct: 516-403-5393
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1171

Rhonda Lightcap - Finance

Ms. Rhonda Lightcap
Director of Financial Affairs
Direct: 516-403-5390
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1116

Webb Institute in Glen Cove, NY Thursday, May 21, 2015.

Mr. R. Keith Michel
Main: 516-671-2277


Mr. Peter Miller
Director of Information Technology

Patricia Prescott, Webb Institute, Librarian

Ms. Patricia Prescott
Library Director
Direct: 516-671-0439
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1118

Duane Ritter, Assistant to the Director of Financial Affairs

Mr. Duane Ritter
Assistant to the Director of Financial Affairs
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1122


Dr. Michelle Stein
Direct: 516-403-5395

Gailmarie Sujecki

Ms. Gailmarie Sujecki
Executive Assistant to the President & Director of Alumni Relations
Direct: 516-671-2277
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1100


Mr. James Swan
Engineering Laboratory Technician – Machinist
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1121

Josie Wilson - Academic Services

Ms. Jocelyn Wilson
Director of Academic Services
Direct: 516-671-2215
Main: 516-671-2213 Ext. 1108

Anthony Zic - Development

Mr. Anthony Zic
Director of Development
Direct: 516-403-5375
Main: 516-759-2040 Ext. 1105