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Webb is Family 

The experience is absolutely student-centric. Our size (approx. 90 students) makes it ideal for students to be self-directed and self-governed. From the classroom to our student kitchen, students lead life at Webb. They’re able to walk on to the varsity soccer team, be part of any club, and everyone is encouraged to join, lead, and excel. The result is a level of maturity and respect in one of the most tight-knit communities you can belong to, outside of your family.

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Webb Institute Campus

The Campus

All students are required to live and eat on-campus.

  •  26 acre campus 
  • Private beach
  • Scenic views from dorm rooms
  • Newly renovated student kitchen
  • 24-hour access to all facilities
  • Free YMCA membership
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Student Clubs

There is a wide range of clubs available at Webb, giving you the opportunity to connect with students with similar interests or to try something new.



Due to Webb’s size, anyone can actively play for a team. Sports include volleyball, basketball, sailing, soccer, and tennis.

Leadership at Webb


We train tomorrow’s leaders. Students govern themselves using the Honor Code and participate in numerous leadership building activities.


A students stops by for a quick chat with the Assistant Director of Student Services. 

Student Services

Faculty Advisers: Every freshman and sophomore is assigned a faculty adviser. Faculty Advisers are members of the faculty assist with course registration and meet with their advisees throughout the academic year to discuss the Webb experience and professional aspirations.

Medical Facilities: A physician is always on call to handle routine minor illnesses and emergencies; there’s also emergency care available at the nearby community hospital.

Counseling: Counseling within a college environment is an opportunity for a student to learn more about their interpersonal worlds, while easing the discomforts often encountered in college life. Student Services does not attempt to replace the student’s private physician or therapist, nor does it assume total responsibility for psychiatric needs. Personal counseling is available locally.

Houses of Worship: Houses of worship of various denominations are available in Glen Cove.

Students in dorm room

Students have 24-access to all accommodations


Webb’s campus – a walled, 26-acre estate with its own private beach – is special, and Webb requires students to live and eat on campus. The men live on the second and third floors of Stevenson Taylor Hall in comfortable rooms with amazing views of the grounds or the Long Island Sound. The women live on the second floor of the Robinson Model Basin with some spectacular views of the grounds and in James G. Motley Hall, which overlooks the athletic field and the Long Island Sound.

Students eat in Stevenson Taylor Hall – three meals daily Monday through Friday. Brunch – a student favorite with eggs, quesadillas, and burritos cooked to order – and dinner are served on Saturday and Sunday. Students also use the recently renovated Student Kitchen to cook up their own food when the munchies strike at all hours of the day.

Founders Day 2013

Students give back every Founder’s Day by working on campus restoration projects. 

Yearly Events

The college experience isn’t just about studying and research.  Each semester is filled up with exciting activities that have become yearly traditions. New events and ideas are also openly discussed and encouraged by Student Services and the Student Government.

Here’s a quick list of some of the events Webbies look forward too each year. A larger list is available here.

Photos from our yearly events are available on Webb’s Smugmug page.

Citizen's Bridge Project

All students are invited to take part in community service activities. 

Community Service

Webbies love to give back to their community by organizing monthly community service events. Events range from:

  • Engineering Day with local elementary schools
  • Food Drives
  • Beach Clean-ups
  • Boat building with Brooklin Boatworks
  • Cooking for the Ronald McDonald House
  • Polar Plunges to raise money for charity
Glen Cove Gazebo

The Glen Cove Gazebo located in Morgan Park.

City of Glen Cove

Webb is a 5-minute drive to downtown Glen Cove located off the Gold Coast of Long Island. This town offers private beaches , scenic parks, and shopping areas. There is something for everyone!

The Glen Cove community is very active, there are concerts, feasts, fairs, and parades located in the parks or downtown.

Please visit the City of Glen Cove website for more information.

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Webb News

Remembering Johanna Lee Exner ’08

By Alana Duerr ’08 Strong, smart, witty, self-deprecating, kind, thoughtful, caring, hardworking, thrifty, creative—these are the first adjectives that come to mind when I think of Jo. Like all of us in our class, I have many fond memories of Jo, and words do not describe our collective heartbreak when we found out that her […]

Making Webb a Place Called Home

Freshman, George Hambleton, recounts his Orientation Experience By George Hambleton ’23 I was not sure what to expect when I came to Webb. I knew the degree path was something I wanted to pursue but I had reservations about moving away from my friends. I was going in blind since I had not communicated with […]

Webb completes its 2nd year of Meeting Full Demonstrated Need of All Students with Support from the Gardiner Foundation

The Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation was founded in 1987 with the purpose of providing support to the State of New York by promoting New York’s history, culture, and heritage. In 2018, the Gardiner Foundation chose to support Webb Institute by awarding Webb a $250,000 grant to be used over three years in order to […]