Founders Day 2020: A Bit Different but Still the Same

On Founder’s Day, the entire Webb campus comes together to dedicate an afternoon to honor the philanthropic efforts of William H. Webb by participating in beautification projects around campus.

Due to COVID-19, this year’s Founder’s Day, observed on May 1st, 2020, was celebrated a bit differently than in previous years. The nineteen students who stayed on-campus worked alongside the remaining essential administration and staff. On-campus tasks included a lot of cleaning: the kitchen, bike garage, and the floors of the Couch Academic Building were left sparkling and thesis digitization and landscaping projects were tackled as well. Isa Hill ’20 gave the drab hallway near the Brocket Arms Pub a much-needed facelift by painting a beautiful nautical mural. The students also assisted Chef Rob in the kitchen by serving lunch and making home-made chocolate cronuts for dessert.

Founder’s Day also inspired a few members of the off-campus student body and administration. Kasey Kennedy ’23 helped her dad start a garden in her backyard, the Assistant Director of Development, Joe Casio, donated blood, and the Director of Athletics and Electronics Lab Technician, Pat Doherty, worked in his community as the Oceanside Sanitation Commissioner.

Thank you to the members of the Webb community who participated in this special event!

We hope to be all together for next years and make an even bigger impact!

Watch the video and experience Founder’s Day!