Webb Regional Events

Celebrate the end of the Campaign for Webb and the opening of the Couch Academic Center with the Webb Family.

President R. Keith Michel ’73 and other members of Webb administration, trustees, and faculty will join members of Webb’s family and provide an inside look on the state of Webb.

Regional events also give you the opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet the current local Winter Work interns.


Location Date Venue Coordinator Event page/Tickets
San Diego, CA 01/17/20 Tom Ham’s Lighthouse Nick Ratinaud ’18 This event has passed
Alameda, CA 01/18/20 Herbert Engineering Spencer Schilling ’82 This event has passed
Vero Beach, FL 01/28/20 The Moorings Club John Paul ’69 This event has passed
Fort Lauderdale, FL 01/29/20 Tarpon River Brewery Dylan Froriep ’16 This event has passed
New Orleans, LA 02/01/20 National WWII Museum Chris Allard ’04 This event has passed
Seattle, WA 02/07/20  ORFEO Matt Tedesco ’91 This event has passed
Portland, OR 02/08/20 Russell Development Co., Inc. John Russell ’67 This event has passed
Rotterdam, The Netherlands 02/14/20 Various locations Mark Martecchini ’79 This event has passed
Houston, TX 02/21/20 ABS Christopher Wiernicki This event has passed
Annapolis, MD 02/22/20 The U.S. Naval Academy Museum Jennifer Waters ’91 This event has passed
Groton, CT 02/26/20 GD Applied Physical Sciences Corp. Chick Corrado ’83 This event has passed
Bath, ME 02/29/20 Kennebec Tavern Russ Hoffman ’74 This event has passed
Boston (Wellesley), MA 02/29/20 Wellesley College Club Ian Mutnick ’96 This event has passed
New York, NY 03/12/20 India House Jon Dowsett ’09 Cancelled
Hampton Roads, VA 03/20/20 Hampton Yacht Club T.J. Brackin ’16 Cancelled
Alexandria, VA 03/28/20 Alana’s home Alana Duerr ’08 Cancelled
Green Bay, WI 04/10/20 Wisconsin Maritime Museum Mark Pudlo ’87 Cancelled
Denver, CO 04/18/20 TBA Gene Schorsch ’52 Cancelled
Webb Institute Regional Events