Junior Class Small Vessel Design Project (SD1) – Class of 2022

Ship Design 1

Spring 2021 projects - The Class of 2022



Designers: Anika Breza, Rudy Caligure, Luke Kiely, and Rebecca Teitelbaum

Vessel Type: Polar Icebreaker

Standard Mission:
The USCGC Skadi will support the U.S. Coast Guard’s missions in polar waters. It will have Search and Rescue capability, provide resupply to remote stations, and facilitate safe navigation through waterway maintenance and ship escort. It will also support law enforcement, scientific research, and environmental protection response.

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Inland Waterways Dredge

Built Different

Designers: Jonas Armstrong, Addison Harris, Kevin O’Keefe, and Gracie Schmitz

Vessel Type: Inland Waterways Dredge

Standard Mission:
This self-propelled cutter suction dredger with hopper capacity will support maritime operations within the Nigerian Lagos Lagoon and associated waterways through channel deepening and maintenance dredging. It is designed to operate at extremely shallow drafts and has capability for offshore discharge of spoils.

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Livestock Carrier

MV Pasture of the Seas

Designers: Calder Hartigan and Minh Tran

Vessel Type: Livestock Carrier

Standard Mission:
The vessel is designed to export dairy cattle from the East and West coasts of the United States to customers overseas in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The vessel is of a closed design to protect the livestock, and it has the ability to sail through the Panama Canal and operate year-round.

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Motor Life Boat


Designers: Kevin Becker, Toni-Marie Gossage, and Kyle Oliver

Vessel Type: U.S. Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat

Standard Mission:
To replace the U.S. Coast Guard fleet of 52-foot Special Purpose Craft-Heavy Weather (SPC-HWX), conduct fast-response offshore search & rescue missions including towing and persons in water (PIW) recovery, self-right in 30 seconds or less if knocked down by waves or surf, and serve as a safe & stable platform to provide the Coast Guard with an asset that can respond quickly to an emergency.

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Pilot Boat

PBR Elizabeth

Designers: Christopher Hamilton, Liam Keady, and Jim Rodgers

Vessel Type: Pilot Boat Mother Ship

Standard Mission:
The primary mission of the vessel is to serve as the mother ship for a fleet of four fully electric pilot tenders that will transport pilots to and from commercial ships transiting in the Chesapeake Bay region. The vessel is designed to recharge, launch, and recover the pilot tenders as well as perform emergency search and rescue, oil spill recovery, and towing operations.

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Research Vessel

RV J. Ryan

Designers: Flora Grilli, Nathan Johnson, Sasha Kritsuk, and Jensen McTighe

Vessel Type: Research Vessel

Standard Mission:
The RV J. Ryan is a regional class research vessel designed as a multi-disciplinary research platform that will operate in the near-shore regions of Western Europe from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean. The vessel is equipped to conduct 30-day oceanographic missions examining coastal water circulation, ecosystem dynamics, marine fisheries, and climate change.

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RoPax Ferry

Manaus to Tefé

Designers: Juliette Lehman, Ben Lilly, Ioana Mirica, David Ockers

Vessel Type: Amazon River RoPax Ferry

Standard Mission:
The Amazon River RoPax Ferry will provide safe, affordable travel between the cities of Manaus and Tefé. Three intermediate stops will be made along the route and passengers can join or disembark at any stop along the route. Cargo storage will be provided for any passengers looking to move bulk or refrigerated cargo.

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