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Webb Institute students and alumni at NASSCO Drydock
Students and alumni at NASSCO Drydock.

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2021 Winter Work Blogs

Stuck in San Diego Winter Work Blog

Stuck in San Diego: COVID Edition ’21

The following blog describes the not-so-spontaneous adventures and learning experiences of Dillon Esposito-Kelley ’21, Daniel Desio ’21, and Ioana Mirica ’22 while they intern at General Dynamics NASSCO in the winter of 2021.


Adventures in Croatia

Follow Jacob Dillistin ’23, Luke Kiely ’22, and Nathaniel Philips ’23 as they set out overseas to spend their Winter Work term at Metal Shark in Croatia.

Students walking along the beachshore during Winter Work Term in San Diego

Freshman Webbies in San Diego

This blog documents the experience of eight freshmen who will be working in two shipyards, Marine Group and General Dynamics NASSCO, in San Diego. Kohta Erdos, Kadi Zheng, Margo Bourn, Miguel Sanchez, Zach Doerr, and AJ Mills will be working at NASSCO, assigned to different departments. Tim Lazouski and Payne Donaldson, are interning at Marine Group, a smaller shipyard that focuses on vessel repair.

Three Webb students during Winter Work term in Washington state.

A WashingTON of Fun

Read about Alex Koziol ’21, Ben Hunt ’21, and Juliette Lehman’s ’22 Winter Work Term in Seattle, Washington. Ben and Alex will be working in the marine engineering and marine construction departments at Glosten, a marine consulting firm. Juliette will be working at Elliott Bay Design Group, which specializes in marine transportation.

2020 Winter Work Blogs

Webbies in Hollywood

Making a Home in Hollywood

Follow six upperclassmen who are spending winter work term in southern Florida; Addie Lindyberg ‘21, Audra Milbitz ‘20, Chris Bal ‘20, Dillon Esposito-Kelly ‘21, Isa Hill ‘20, and Mary McGuinness ‘20.

Webbies in Rotterdam

Webbies in Rotterdam

Eight weeks, three Webbies (Shannon Liu ’21, Linda Waters ’20, and Duane Lee ’20), and a lot of adventures coming your way!

Webb Adventures in Croatia

Webb Adventures in Croatia

Jack Becker, Ian Cosic, and Jackson Juska from the Class of 2021 are taking on Metal Shark Boats in Croatia.

2019 Winter Work Blogs

Juliette Lehman and Kevin Becker

NASSCO is STEEL-ing Our Hearts

Juliette ’22 and Kevin ’22 will attempt to navigate both working at a General Dynamics NASSCO shipyard in San Diego and cooking edible meals.

Chris Hamilton during Winter Work Term at Webb Institute

Boomin’ in Bama

Follow Chris ’22 and Sasha ’22 during their winter internship at Metal Shark Boats in Bayou La Batre, AL.

Sarah Stretch from the Class of 2019 at Webb Institute

Sandy Eggos

In her blog, Sarah documents her internship at GD Nassco in San Diego.

2018 Winter Work Blogs

Jonathan Hale '18

Winter Work: A D.C.* Story

Jonathan Hale ’18 is documenting his last Winter Work Term working for Gibbs & Cox in Arlington, Virginia.

Matt & Grant Lost at Sea

Matt Migliozzi ’20 and Grant Dixon ’20 are documenting their experiences aboard the Stolt Sincerity.

Westport 2018

Westport 2018

Lina Tenenbaum, Maggie Maguire, and Ioana Mirica from the Class of 2021 are documenting their journey traveling to and working for Westport Yachts, LLC, in Washington.

Antarctica Trip 2018

Antarctica Trip 2018

Read about Mara DuVernois ’20 and Nick Yarka’s ’20 Winter Work term experiences as they travel aboard the Maersk Peary to Antarctica.

A Webb Winter

Read Ben Hunt’s ’21 experiences living on campus while working for Brewers Marine.

2017 Winter Work Blogs

The Wintern Tales

Jonathan Wang ’20 is documenting his first Winter Work term experience while working at SAFE Boats in Tacoma, Washington.

Operation Deep Freeze

Read about Ashley Dias ’19, Muriel Weathers ’19, and Abashai Thomas’s ’19 Winter Work term experiences as they travel aboard the Maersk PEARY to Antarctica.

2016 Winter Work Blogs

Cruising Miami

Brianna Louie ’17 will be spending her Winter Work term in Miami, FL working for Carnival Cruise Lines as an Energy Efficiency Intern.

Tom Hickey '18

Webbie In The Gulf

Tom Hickey ’18 will be spending his Winter Work term aboard theEvergreen State. The Evergreen State is a 600-foot petroleum carrier owned by American Petroleum Tankers and operated by Crowley Maritime.

Andrew Vogeler

From Belgium to the Persian Gulf and Back

Read about Andrew Vogeler’s ’18 sea term experience aboard the Maran Gas Al Jassasiya; as he and his classmate, Megan Green, travel from Belgium through the Suez Canal to ports in the Persian Gulf and back.