WAF Update

Thank You!

The generosity and commitment of Webb alumni is unrivalled.

Jake Neuman

Jake M. Neuman ’93, Chairman of the Webb Alumni Fund

Contributions totaled $2,092,942, exceeding last year’s amount by $205,000 (10.8%), and our 2016-17 goal by 20%. The average commitment of Webb alumni increased to $2,600 (up 13%). Participation was solid at 73.2% for alumni and 70.9% for members of the Alumni Association overall.

These phenomenal results have made a significant impact on the comprehensive Campaign for Webb, which is discussed in detail in a number of articles in the 2016-17 Annual Report. Eighty-one percent of alumni participated by making a contribution during the Campaign to date—this is clear evidence that we are capable of exceeding our participation goals of 75%. To accomplish this, we will need to convince a few more alumni to renew their generous commitments every year. Our alumni base is extraordinarily supportive, so I am confident we can reach new heights in WAF participation.

Please continue your strong support of Webb, so it can continue to be the excellent academic and enriching place we know. Also, please make your best effort to donate by Webb’s Giving Day in mid-May, which each year coincides with Homecoming. Thirty-six percent of WAF donors contribute in the final weeks of the Alumni Fund effort, which puts a lot of pressure on Class Agents who work diligently to maximize class participation. If we can convince more of our steadfast supporters to give earlier in the year, we can focus more of our energy on securing support from those who have never given or those who make gifts only on special occasions such as milestone class reunions.

You are an amazing group of people, and I continue to enjoy serving in my alumni fund capacity through developing new relationships with alumni and students, as well as strengthening the ones already existing. See you at Homecoming!

WAF Contributions 2016-17