Senior Spotlight: Duane Lee ’20

Hometown: Portland, OR

Thesis Title: Concept Design and Economic Feasibility Study of a Modular Underwater Apartment: A Case Study at Webb Institute

Post Graduate Plans: Aspire rotational program at ABS

Why did you choose Webb?
I wanted to study architecture at first, but after learning about Webb, I gained an interest in naval architecture and marine engineering. While I wanted to design something cool, I also liked math/science, so I thought NA/ME was a nice combination of the two. Also, I wanted to be part of the small, unique community at Webb.

What will you miss the most about Webb?
I will miss living together with my classmates. Even with numerous late-nighters, my classmates made my time here enjoyable.

What’s your favorite spot on campus and why?
My favorite spot on campus is my couch in my dorm room in STH (room #211). After a long day, I enjoyed staring out the window or at my white wall while sitting on my couch.

What was your favorite Winter Work internship?
My favorite Winter Work internship was working at Eagle Bulk in its Singapore office. The internship gave me a nice exposure to the global maritime industry. It was also fun to work and learn from people from around the world. Also, living in Singapore was a lovely experience.

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about doing interesting and/or meaningful things. I hope to apply what I’ve learned at Webb to do cool and interesting work.