Josie Wilson’s Retirement

Among the hallowed halls of Webb and the Long Island Sound landscape, where memories have been woven over decades, we gathered to bid farewell to one of our most esteemed figures, Josie Wilson, the Director of Academic Services.

Webb’s very own Queen Josie

Over the years, Josie Wilson has been a beacon of guidance, inspiring countless students with her unwavering dedication and tireless service. As she announces her retirement, marking the onset of a well-deserved new chapter, we come together as a community to celebrate her legacy.

In June of 2023, at her retirement dinner, Josie took the stage to deliver her heartfelt speech. This momentous occasion was preceded by acknowledgments from President Mark Martecchini, and the Dean, Matthew Werner, both of whom honored Josie’s significant contributions and profound impact at Webb. Below, we revisit her touching farewell speech from Homecoming in May of 2023. It was a moment that brought a blend of smiles and tears, a testament to her profound impact.

Farewell, Josie, and may this new journey be filled with the same inspiration and excellence you’ve instilled in all of us.



Josie cutting her celebratory cake

“As we all know, Webb Institute is a unique and special place, where students not only receive an excellent education, but also develop lifelong friendships, values, and passions. I have witnessed firsthand how students have grown from their shy first days on campus to confident seniors ready to contribute to the maritime industry.

As I look back on my 33 years here, I cherish the many moments I have shared with the students in the hallways, in my office for a tissue, a hug, or a piece of chocolate, or just to hang out and talk about a recent Winter Work experience or what they will be doing in the summer. You have inspired me and taught me so much too. You have given me joy, laughter, and friendship. You are more than just alumni; you have made me a part of the Webb family, which is truly an honor. The alumni are the reason why Webb Institute is such a wonderful place. And the reason why I am standing here today with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye.

When I was little, I always said when I grow up, I want to be a Mommy. And that dream came true. I was a Mom for many years of about 100 students a year. And I loved every minute of it. And one final thank you to William Webb. It was because of his insight to create such a wonderful, unique college that I have had the most fulfilling career anyone could ever hope for. ”

Webb’s administration, faculty, and friends