Bringing Nutrition Education to Webb

By Kayla Green


Kayla demonstrating proper smoothie-making technique.

Nutrition initiatives in college are crucial for promoting a healthy lifestyle and improving the overall well-being of the student body. I realized the importance of maintaining a balanced diet and making informed food choices when I was in college, and I continue to use what I learned to make health-focused decisions in my life. FLIK, Webb’s culinary service prides itself on putting “wellness center stage.” They provide a wide range of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains on their menus and account for a variety of dietary restrictions and allergies. Having these options readily accessible makes it easier to prioritize nutritious meals and snacks; however, even so, knowing what to eat to maintain a healthy and balanced diet can be difficult.

At Webb, where students are regularly challenged by a rigorous curriculum, packed schedule, and academic stress, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is especially important, but can often fall behind other priorities.

This Spring, the Office of Admissions, therefore partnered with health educators, to educate our community on nutrition. This started with a Monday Lecture from Christina Brockett, MS, CNS, LDN, a licensed Clinical Nutritionist, who offers individual nutritional counseling, group nutritional programs, custom educational talks and presentations, and corporate wellness programs. Ms. Brockett also explored how nutrition impacts mental health. At the Monday Lecture, Ms. Brockett provided Webbies with insight on how to properly fuel their bodies and adopt good habits while trying to meet the demands of Webb’s rigorous academic program. Using Webb’s food menus provided by FLIK, she tailored her presentation to Webb’s current food offerings. Her ability to present the subject in an engaging way, while connecting it to the Webbie experience made the presentation relevant and memorable.

Webbies enjoying nutritional snacks.

Building off of this lecture, I had the opportunity to co-host several mini, cooking classes with Anna Boyd, MS, RD, RND (and Webb Professor Spenser Boyd’s wife), whose field of expertise is in nutrition and dietetics. Final exam season is typically a time when studying takes priority and healthy eating takes a backseat, which can impact student performance. I, therefore, developed a Brain Booster Smoothie Bowl demo series. Smoothie Bowls are a healthy, but tasty snack that can support students with the nutrients needed for a full day of studying.

The goal of these initiatives was to provide information that could equip students with the practical skills, nutritional knowledge, and appreciation for healthy eating. These classes have the potential to shape one’s approach to food and promote a balanced, nutritious lifestyle. By prioritizing the physical well-being of students, colleges can create a supportive environment that fosters healthy habits and empowers individuals to make positive choices for their long-term health and success.