Webb Institute Sailing Team in 2019

Our coaches are professional sailors and boatbuilders who have extensive international and big boat experience. They have made extensive modifications to Desperado, the custom 40 we sail, and Peacemaker, a Ker 11.5.

Every aspect of the Webb sailing team has student involvement with proper guidance from our coaches and support staff. This prepares team members for lifelong success in sailing. Expectations are high for team members both on and off the water in terms of taking care of our boats, organizing our events, and running our yacht club.

Many teams can make you a great sailor, but Webb can teach you to be a great teammate, to take pride in the boats you sail, and even to run your own team.

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AYC Awards

Offshore Sailing

The Webb Offshore Sailing team provides a rigorous training program for sailors of all levels. With a packed spring and fall season, there are plenty of opportunities to get out on the water. The team practices a few times a week and races or practices most weekends. The team regularly sails six boats, Peacemaker (Kerr 11.5), Desperado (Custom 40), Defender (8 meter), Victian (Figaro 2), Williwaw (Figaro 2), and Hoonigan (J105). The team scompetes in all the major races in Long Island as well as Newport to Bermuda, and Block Island Race Week.

Recent Results: 1st in Class 2019 Vineyard, 1st in Class 2019 Block Island Race Week, 2nd in Class 2019 Block Island Race, 1st Place YCC Cup, 3rd in Class 2018 Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta, 2nd in Class 2018 Vineyard Race, 3rd in Class 2018 Newport to Bermuda Race, 1st in Class 2018 Block Island Race, 1st in Class 2017 Vineyard Race, 1st in Class 2017 Block Island Race.

Goldbach Boat House at Webb Institute

Yacht Club

All students at Webb are members of the Webb Yacht Club.  The Webb Yacht Club offers free access to all of its boats to the students of Webb. Only a short two minute walk from the classrooms, the Yacht Club makes it easy for all Webb students to get out on the water. The Yacht Club has a fleet of 8 420s, 2 lasers, 2 whalers, 4 kayaks and a Hobbie 16. The Yacht Club also has communal water skis and tubes that are available for student use.

Student Leadership

Benjamin Hunt '21

Ben Hunt ’21

Commodore & Big Boat Captain

Ben Hunt is a member of the Webb class of 2021. Along with being the Commodore of the Webb Yacht Club, he is also the Captain of the Webb Offshore Team and a member of the Webb Dinghy Team.

Ben began racing keelboat at the age of 14 as the bowman on a Beneteau First 36.7 and has been sailing since the age of 11. Since joining the team in his freshman year, Ben has raced over 1500nm and sailed over 3000nm with the team. Ben spent his freshmen year winter work term working for Webb’s offshore coaches repairing the team’s Kerr 11.5, Peacemaker. Ben, like many on the team, is a jack of all trades. He routinely is the driver, pit, or the bowman, depending on the needs of the team.

Ben enjoys sailing on the Yacht Club’s lasers and 420s as well as wakeboarding and tubing behind the Yacht Club’s whalers.

Other Leadership positions:

Vice Commodore

Rear Commodore

Fleet Captain

Motor Boat Captain

Dinghy Captain



Professor Royce began sailing keelboats on the Great Lakes in 1977 on his father’s C&C 35. Up until 1994, he focused on sailing dinghies like Thistles and Tartan Tens. In 1995, he began sailing a Taylor 40 in New Orleans, successfully competing in many local regattas. Since moving to Long Island, he has sailed on a variety of high performance boats. He owns a Tripp 33 that served as Webb’s “big boat” up until 2015. Currently, he is the team’s tactician for buoy races and a navigator/driver for distance races.

He is a member of the Storm Trysail Club, New York Yacht Club, Glen Cove Yacht Club, and the YRALIS PHRF committee.

Meet the Fleet


Webb has a fleet of 8 Club 420 which is the primary boat used for dinghy practices. One of the two common classes used for double-handed collegiate sailing, they place an emphasis on teamwork and coordination. During the fall and spring, the sailing team often holds practices on the 420’s each day where the weather permits.


Webb has several Lasers, a 14 foot singlehanded dinghy. Lasers offer high performance over a wide range of conditions, teaching finesse and patience in light wind, along with focus and resolve in heavy wind. They are sometimes used for dinghy team practices, but often taken out at others times for casual sailing. There are opportunities for collegiate Laser sailing for those who wish to sail the boats at a highly competitive level.

Hobbie 16

New to the Yacht Club, Webb has a Hobie 16 Turbo. A popular double-handed catamaran complete with jib and trapeze, the Hobie 16 is a fantastic boat for high speed but non-competitive sailing. It also provides a good platform for inexperienced crews to learn how to sail from a competent skipper.

Students on the whalers on the Long Island Sound


Webb has two Boston Whalers that get used for a variety of purposes. They are often taken out for watersports, such as water skiing and tubing. They are also used for coaching dinghy practices, and for general recreation.

Ker 11.5 Peacemaker at sea

Peacemaker, Ker 11.5

Peacemaker Webb’s inshore racing machine. This 37 foot high performance boat was relaunched in 2018 after an extensive refit by the Webb coaches and Webb students. With features like a custom spinnaker douse system designed by our coaches, Peacemaker is fully optimized for buoy racing. The refit was documented by a Webb student in a winter work blog Ben’s Blog.

Desperado at sea


Desperado is Webb’s custom offshore racer. Desperado began life as J120 but has seen received a massive overhaul by the Webb coaches. The shape of the bow and stern was modified for better downwind performance. A bulb keel and an extra deep rudder were installed. The J120 mast was replaced with a Farr 40 rig and a custom bow spirit was fitted. Work on Desperado never stops, with new features being added every season to get the most performance out of the boat. With a massive sail inventory, Desperado is weapon in long distance races. She is sailed in distances races in The Sound and surrounding ocean, along with the biennial Newport to Bermuda Race.

Figaro 2s at sea

Figaro 2

The Figaro 2 is one of the most popular shorthanded classes in the world. Many of the best offshore sailors in the world got their start on the Figaro 2. Webb sails them through the newly formed Collegiate Offshore Sailing Circuit, a program that gives college sailors valuable offshore experience in the one design class. COSC is bringing a revolutionary change to collegiate keelboat sailing, of which Webb is at the forefront. Webb has two Figaro 2s which allows us to gain a competitive edge practicing against each other. The 33 foot boats are designed with offshore reliability and safety in mind, providing an ideal learning platform for those who wish to get into competitive keelboat sailing.

8 Meter Defender at Sea


Defender is a newly built classic 8 Meter, complete with classic style rigging and sails. Raced in Oyster Bay’s classics series against other wooden boats, she provides an opportunity for those who want to spend time on the water in a less competitive racing environment.