Webb Institute Alumni Banquet

The Annual Webb Alumni Banquet was held on Friday, November 6, 2015 in Rhode Island. At this year’s banquet Richard P. Neilson was honored with the W. Selkirk Owen Award. A fellow classmate, David M. Bovet ’70 made the award introduction.

Welcome and introductions were made by Jennifer E. Kollmer ’91, President of the Alumni Association. R. Keith Michel ’73, President of Webb Institute, spoke about the “State of the Institute”, and Jake M. Neuman ’93, the Webb Alumni Fund Chairman, announced the Webb Alumni Fund Summary .

Video of the event is available on the Webb Institute Vimeo Channel. Photos are now available on the Webb Institute Smugmug.

Alumni Banquet

Peggy Michel and Kate Chaffee ’16 catching up with Justin Van Emmerik ’13.

Alumni Banquet

Ted Dickerson ’92 and Andy Lachtman ’11 at the Alumni Banquet reception.

Richard Neilson with classmates from the class of 1970

Richard Neilson ’70 with classmates Bob Jenner ’70 and David Bovet ’70.