Webb’s Ongoing Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At its annual meeting on October 15th, the Board of Trustees reaffirmed its commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at Webb. The Board’s DEI Committee, formed in 2019 to help inform DEI-related initiatives in Webb’s Strategic Plan, is tasked with presenting a DEI Plan to the Board at its February 2021 meeting. The plan is to contain actionable and accountable initiatives that will expand diversity of students, faculty, staff, and Trustees and provide a pathway towards a more equitable and inclusive campus environment.

At its meeting, the Board unanimously approved the following resolution.

The Board’s DEI Committee, chaired by Trustee George Campbell, is comprised of constituents from the board, administration, faculty, staff, alumni, and students. To better understand the climate at Webb and the needs of our underrepresented populations, the Committee will conduct surveys and listening sessions with students. The Committee invites discourse and discussion on DEI and will host online forums with students, faculty/staff and alumni. Announcements on dates for these forums will be sent out over the next couple of weeks.

The Board and the Administration recognize that not all members of our community have enjoyed the nurturing and supportive experience we aspire to. Our commitment to a more diverse and equitable campus environment is driven by our common understanding of the importance that the perspectives of a diverse population play in the academic process as well as our aspiration to provide a welcoming campus environment where every student, faculty and staff member can fully realize their capacity to grow and learn. The Trustees and Administration at Webb look forward to working with all of you as we commit ourselves to enriching the diversity and inclusivity of the Webb campus community.

Bruce S. Rosenblatt
Chair, Board of Trustees
Dr. George Campbell
Chair, DEI Committee
R. Keith Michel